Preparing for your first delivery

  • When we bring your first bundle of flowers we'll also deliver a bucket with water. Please keep your bucket!
  • Our delivery days are the 1st Wednesday of the month and the 3rd Wednesday of the month depending on whether you signed up for a twice a month delivery or once a month.
  • On delivery days, if you know you will be out of the house, please put your bucket out with water in it so your flowers can stay hydrated while they wait for you.
  • When your flowers arrive please give them a fresh cut and put them in cool water as soon as possible. Each delivery comes with a care card as some flowers need specific care. Make sure to look for that care card and follow the instructions. Always keep your flowers away from direct sunlight. Keep them in a cool place but never directly in front of AC or heat vents.


  • If you ever need to change your address, change your payment info or cancel your subscription you can go here: Manage My Account. YOU MUST CANCEL AT LEAST 14 DAYS BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED DELIVERY DAY.
  • If you need to skip a week, please give us a call at the shop at 615-401-9124. YOU MUST CALL AT LEAST 14 DAYS BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED DELIVERY DAY.